Our menu selection delivers “comfort” foods that are eclectic in flavors and combinations—from native plants and meats that are difficult to find here. We introduce specialty food items several times per month and at specific time frames so as to keep a sense of excitement and mystery for the guests. Foodies and others seeking a completely different dining experience will finally have an exciting option that’s not readily available in the metro area. See our menu here.

Demitart Gourmet / Norma G’s is a catering company quickly evolving into a mobile food service (a food truck) offering high quality and authentic Caribbean cuisine throughout southeast Michigan.

caribbean cuisineDemitart Gourmet / Norma G’s wants to be a positive part of this growth and through our Caribbean cuisine we can bring some positive light to the resurgence. Our concentration will be in the downtown Detroit area, as the City of Detroit begins to provide greater opportunities and enjoys a strong rebirth. Our focus centers on providing a genuine taste of Caribbean cuisine to a diverse clientele that seeks something different from generic fare that is currently available.