Here is our Catering Menu.  We cater to home, private & corporate events.  Please note that if there are specific types of dishes or ingredients you have in mind for your event, we can work with you to accomplish….Enjoy!



Puff pastry meat pies                                                                    Curry chicken sliders

Jerk chicken sliders                                                                       Puff pastry vegetable pies

Bruschetta                                                                                     Crab Cakes

Jerk Chicken Wings                                                                        Codfish Salad



Curries (Trinidad style):

Aloo Bodi (vegetable curry – green beans, potato and chicken peas


Melongene (eggplant, onion and crushed tomatoes)





Vegetable Pelau (rice, pigeon peas, squash and bell peppers baked)

Chicken Pelau (saw as above but chicken added)

Jasmine scented white rice




3 Cheese Mac & Cheese                                                                Linguine in olive oil and basil

Any style pasta served with a homemade marinara                      Vegetable Lasagna



Peas and Sides:

Stewed lentils                                                                                 Stewed Pigeon peas

Fried plantains (when available)                                                    Sautéed kale with bacon

Trinidad style potato salad




Chicken noodle                                                                               Lentil

Squash (cream base)                                                                       Bisque




Trinidad rum cake (please note this requires a 2 week notice)



We can do many other dishes at your request….Seafood, roasts, poultry & holiday dishes.  Please feel free to inquire about additional options or needs.

Here are some descriptions of our specific offerings –

Chicken Pelau
Marinated chicken sautéed and blended with pigeon peas, squash, red bell pepper and rice…baked to perfection.

Stewed Chicken
Marinated chicken seared and browned until tender in a brown gravy with baby carrots (served with jasmine scented rice).

Curry Chicken
Succulent pieces of dark meat marinated and slowly cooked in a curry sauce and served with jasmine scented rice or pelau.

codfish balls with chipotleCod Fish Balls
A smooth blend of Alaskan Pollock, mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables deep fried and served with an aioli or chipotle mayo.





Cod Fish Salad
A cool salad combining Alaskan Pollock, fresh sweet onions, vine ripe tomatoes, EV olive oil and seasoned to taste with a little spice served with baguette slices.

curry melongeneMelongene
Eggplant sautéed in a homemade marinara sauce, onion & garlic and served over a bed of linguine.





Bodi Aloo
Fresh green beans, yukon gold potatoes & chick peas in a slightly spicy curry blend served over jasmine scented rice.


Trinidad Black Cake
It’s not Christmas, but this moist rum cake will make you feel warm and festive.


Sweet & refreshing made from the dried hibiscus flower with the flavors of cinnamon & clove.

Cool bitter sweet…made from the bark of the mauby tree and flavored with star anise….it’s a summer drink.