Norma G’s is first and foremost a tribute to my mother and her cooking; and an opportunity to share this with others. Whether the dish was simple or complex, she was able to create a tasty, filling & nutritious meal; all the time. I don’t believe she thought of herself as an awesome cook, but she was.
Norma G’s, the food truck (the mobile side to Demitart Gourmet the catering company), allows me to offer authentic Caribbean cuisine to a broader audience….it is the best way I know to share my food experiences more readily with the foodies that are looking for a different & unique food experience.
Authentic Caribbean cuisine is a blend of many cultures, as are the Caribbean islands themselves. While the challenge of delivering ALL types of Caribbean foods in a mobile environment may be virtually impossible, the challenge of bringing some of them (tasty, filling & nutritious food) – on a quality level – isn’t at all.
One thing I have learned – what you are born with doesn’t leave you….no matter how far away you go from that beginning. But more importantly what a good mother teaches and shares, allows you to share with others. Here’s to good food and sharing; and thanks to Norma.Sun setting

Sample Menu Items:

Chicken Curry Roti
Vegan Curry Roti
Vegan Pelau (rice dish with veggies)
Chicken Pelau (rice dish with chicken & veggies)
3 Cheese mac & cheese
Jerk Chicken Sliders (3) (w/chipotle mayo and spring mix)
Jerk Chicken Wings (5)
Curry Chicken w/jasmine scented rice & plantains
Vegan Curry w/jasmine scented rice & plantains
Jerk Chicken Sliders (2) w/mac & cheese
Sorrel (specialty Trinidad drink)


St. CeCe's night (1)