Demitart Gourmet / Norma G’s provides full-on personal chef and catering services. We can bring our Caribbean cuisine to any event—either personal or corporate. Our menu is eclectic by choice. We hope to deliver a food experience that is unique and fun….one that shows the array of cultures that make up Caribbean cuisine.

Demitart Gourmet / Norma G’s is in the process of acquiring its food truck to become a mobile caterer. In the meantime, we can provide our services to you directly in your home or at a venue of your choice. We wish to focus on groups of no more than 150 at this time. This allows us to bring a consistent quality offering. Delivering a quality product is paramount to our philosophy of offering authentic Caribbean cuisine.

IMG_3536One other way for us to offer our cuisine is through restaurant pop ups. This is an event that allows our company to provide our services through an established restaurant. It gives us the chance to let our foodies experience us in a restaurant setting. Eventually we hope to establish a brick & mortar location. We will keep you updated on our progress.

As owner and chef, I am excited to continue growing my craft, delivering a quality product, being innovative with my food and making sure to leave a smile on your face when all is said and done. Eating is not just for nourishment, it needs to be fun & it needs to bring people together. Enjoy!
—Lester Gouvia, Chef